:::My Testimony:::

I am a STRONG believer in The Lord Jesus Christ, and nobody or thing can change that.

This is my favorite Psalm of all time. (Psalm 106) And I hope that you enjoy it too.

I have a WONDERFUL family…

Pete (My dad)

Brooke (My mom)

:::My 2 brothers:::

Nathanael (Age 6)  He loves Star Wars, Legos, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Michael (Age 1 1/2) He loves making messes and “Lion” his stuffed lion. 🙂

:::And I have AWESOME best friends:::

❤ Marissa (Age 11) She loves going to concerts.

❤ Tegan (Age 12) She loves Lauren Daigle.

❤ Maddy (Age 16) She LOVES dolphins.

❤ Ali (Age 10) She cannot stop herself from doing active sports.

❤ Ruthie (Age 14)  She is an amazing friend and loves birds.

❤ Niomi (Age 15) She sings beautifullyy and is a natural with her guitar.

Now you have practically  met my little bubble of conversation. 🙂