Hi, everybody!!!

I’m back!

We have been so busy during the summer/fall months, and I apologize for that.

I just wanted to say that my computer freaks me out sometimes…

So I was just doing a paragraph on Mt. Etna; Italy, and its a volcano, right?

I was listening to Spotify (Please follow me if you are on there(Mercierlady) ), and all of a sudden this song Volcano starts playing!! lol.

So thanks for putting up with me, and  I’ll put the song link down below.


Volcano; Rapture Ruckus


Hi, Everyone!!!

Hello, everybody!
I see that I haven’t posted on here for a while, and I’m sorry!
Well right now we are visiting our grandparents in the southern part of our state, and Michael, {My little 2yr old brother} wanted a photo shoot today!
Here are one of the best pics:::

And of course, the dog, Herbie…


With a post soon to follow….

Pray, Please

Hi everyone!!

As most of you know, both of the great grandmother’s I ever knew, passed away…

So can we get some prayers, please!!

Thank you so much!