Be Still. 

This Is soooo cool!! Thank you, for the idea!
{And no, this is NOT my bible!!}

bekah blankenship

It’s a hard concept for me… being still. I know God is Who He says He is. I know He is always doing something even when it can’t be seen. Even still, I can’t shake the feeling that I should be “helping” the process, giving it a little extra oomph if you will. I wouldn’t want to appear lazy or uninvolved. I wouldn’t want people to think I wasn’t doing all the things. I need them to know I can. And there it is. There’s the lie that I’m always believing. The moment I get involved, I undermine God’s heart for provision and protection, and I snag a piece of the glory pie. It isn’t mine to share and it isn’t really that tasty anyway. My pride gets fat and my spirit gets weary. If it’s not about Jesus, about seeing Him glorified, then I’m selling everyone short in the…

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